Tips On Staying Hydrated This Summer

Important tips on staying hydrated.

Live Well Utah

Let's Stay Hydrated

Find out how you can stay hydrated without it feeling like a chore!

The Word on Water

Here in Utah and across the nation, the hot weather has arrived. During these summer months, you may have hydration on your mind. We know that water is necessary for carrying out our body’s vital functions and that maintaining proper hydration helps keep us energized throughout the day, but sometimes drinking one glass of water after another can feel like a chore.

By learning more about your fluid needs, as well as practical ways to meet these needs, you’ll be well on your way to hydration optimization during the heat of the summer! In the June issue of Food Insight published by the International Food Information Council Foundation, Kerry Robinson, RD, and Jennifer Arougheti, undergraduate dietetic student and IFIC Foundation intern, share the following information:

How Much Water Do We Need?
According to…

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