Prepping For Pennies: Hacks & Tricks For Prepping Without Breaking The Bank


prepping for pennies

By Chris Ruiz – The Bug Out Bag Guide


This article comes from Dave Steen, a survival expert with 30+ years in the field and multiple books published on a wide variety of preparedness topics.  If you are looking for more money saving tricks to use while prepping, I suggest you check out Dave’s fantastic book, Prepping For Pennies (click here to see it).

Prepping For Pennies

One of the first things that hit most preppers starting out is fear. I’m not talking about fear of some disaster, although there are many who start out in prepping just because of such a fear; but rather, fear that they won’t be able to pay for it all. Granted, prepping looks pretty expensive when you first start figuring out what you’re going to need to do, especially if you’ve read some book that starts talking about alternative heat and energy, as…

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