Every Day Carry

Its the time of year when I clean out and reorganize my every day carry bag. I actually carry a small pouch on my belt and a larger bag whenever I’m on the road. This is only the items I need for daily use. I also store items in my vehicle for use in an emergency and that would aid me in getting home.

Belt Pouch

  1. Leatherman Wave – Not the largest Leatherman made but a good size for carrying and has a good array of tools built in.
  2. AA cell Maglite – Not the brightest or highest tech flashlight out there. However, I find them to be reliable. I have a 3D cell Maglite that I have had for over 20 years.
  3. Spare AA batteries for the Maglite
  4. Band aids – I always carry 4 or 5 with me.
  5. Cell Phone
  6. Spare pen

Soft sided Messenger Bag

This is really a combination briefcase and laptop bag. It has three zippered compartments and three MOLLE Pouches on the front. In the front pouches I carry a notebook, cell phone charger, ac adapter and USB cable for my Ipad, 2 sets of ear-buds, a small bottle of hand sanitizer and some business cards. In the first zippered compartment I carry my Ipad and Ipod. This compartment also has some mesh pouches built-in that hold the following:

  • USB flash drives on a key-ring
  • spare batteries for my flashlight
  • a folding knife
  • sharpening stone
  • a second key-ring with a small hand crank flashlight, ferrocerium rod and a p38 can opener
  • Spare pen, pencil, highlighter
  • Altoids Tin First Aid Kit

In the second compartment I carry work related files, a legal sized note tablet and a few snacks ( Beef Jerky. trail mix, energy bar, etc.)

The one major drawback to this bag is it doesn’t have a place for a water bottle although it does have a spot for your concealed carry weapon.

Also I carry:

Shirt pocket

  1. Notepad
  2. Pen

Pants pockets

  1. Keys – Sounds like a no brainer but some people don’t carry them on their person. Some years ago the company I was working for received a bomb scare and about one-third of the employees didn’t have their keys on them and couldn’t reenter the building until it was searched to get them. They had to stay on site or get a ride while the remainder of the employees were able to leave.
  2. Wallet

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