Journey to Emergency Preparedness

Today post is a list of the things I have covered so far. Everything is categorized and linked to the original post.  This list will be ongoing and would be the topics that I consider most important for the beginning prepper to concentrate their efforts on. It also serves as a reminder to me of those topics that need to be covered. I will be taking a look at bug out bags, food storage, gardening and other topics in the coming weeks. If there is a topic you would like to see covered leave me a comment and I will try to get to it in the coming weeks.

Basic Skills
Campfire Building 101
Knots and Lashing
Water Purification
Emergency Planning
Basic Household Emergency Kit
Digital Survival
Disaster Preparedness Plans
Emergency Car Kits
Emergency Information
Every Day Carry
Altoids Tin Survival Kit
Every Day Carry
EDC First Aid Kit
Chocolate Pudding Mix
DIY Survival Rations – Hardtack
DIY Survival Rations Part 2 – Beef Jerky
DIY Survival Rations Part 3 – Fruit Leather
DIY Survival Rations Part 4 – Pemmican
DIY Survival Rations Part 5 – Survival Bars
DIY Survival Rations Part 6 – Dried Fruit
DIY Survival Rations Part 7 – Dehydrated Soup Mix
DIY Survival Rations Part 8 – MRE’S
Home Canning Equipment
Home Canned Food for One Year
Pet Preparedness
Pet Preparedness Week Part 1
Pet Preparedness Week Part 2
Pet Preparedness Week Part 3
11 Items To Stock Up On Before A Storm
Preparing your household for a winter storm (Part 1)
Preparing your household for a winter storm (Part 2)
Winter Vehicle Maintenance and Trip Planning
Survival Kits/ Bug Out Bags
Altoids Tin Fishing Kit
Bug Out Binder – List of Important Documents
First Aid Kits
Survival Kit
The Rule of Three

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