Home Canning Equipment

Monday we took a look at how much food you would need to can for a year click here to review the types and quantities. If you have never canned food at home I highly recommend that you contact your local Cooperative Extension office they offer classes for a nominal fee on canning different foods. The next thing to buy is the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving and the Ball Blue Book. In my opinion these are indispensable resources for the person canning food at home. Safe canning practices are essential as improperly canned food can make you ill. I have been canning food for 35 years and have never had a problem. I have followed the recipes and practices contained in the Blue Book for my entire canning career. You will also need several other pieces of equipment this includes two types of canner’s a boiling water canner for high acid foods and a pressure canner for meats and low acid vegetables. Below is a list of equipment necessary for preserving your harvest and helping to cut the high cost of food.

Equipment List:

Pressure Canner – Necessary for low acid foods
Canner – Boiling water type used for pickles and high acid foods
Canning Jars – You will need a variety of jar sizes. I prefer the Ball Brand.

Lids – Canning jars require two piece lids. The bands can be reused as long as they are not rusted and are in good condition. The lids cannot be reused and must be replaced after each use.

Canning Funnel – A wide mouth funnel used for filling jars

Jar Lifter – This is the easiest way to safely remove jars from your canner.
Plastic Spatula – Used for removing air bubbles from jars after filling them.

Lid Wand – A magnetic wand used for removing the lids from the warm water they are prepped in.

Food Mill – Used for processing sauces

Those are the specialty items that you will need for home canning your food. Other equipment is necessary stock pots, measuring cups, timers etc. but most people already own these items.

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