Home Canned Food for One Year

This week we will start to take a look at food storage.  Today we will look at what quantities are needed if you were to can your own foods at home. I found a old Ball Blue Book from 1976 where a canner’s planning guide is printed. Based on  serving sizes of 1/2 c fruits or veggies, 2-3 oz. meat, etc. this is what is needed for one person for a year. It works out to 218.5 quarts per person per year. Only those items that are to canned are listed 10 other servings of meat, poultry, seafood or eggs are needed weekly. The canned meat is only for 4 servings per week. An additional 45 quarts of meat, poultry and seafood are needed if you want to can all the food necessary for one year. These amounts are based on nutritional guidelines from the 1970’s. These quantities can be adjusted based on personal taste and dietary needs. I would supplement these quantities with fresh meat and produce when possible. At the vary least you will need a pressure canner along with basic canning supplies.

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iconFood Quantities Needed for 1 Year

Citrus fruit & tomatoes (including juices) – 63 quarts

Dark green and Yellow vegetables – 18 quarts

Other fruits and vegetables – 76 quarts

Meats, Poultry, Seafood – 18 quarts

Soups – 18 quarts

Jams, jellies, preserves – 40 half pints

Relishes – 5 pints

Pickles, vegetable – 13 pints

Pickles, fruit – 13 pints

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