Personal Digital Assessment

Very good post on securing your electronic life.

The Civilian - R. Townsend Jr.

I had not been planning on writing about this just yet but a recent incident has brought it up. Lets talk briefly about your digital life. These days, computers and smartphones keep us so connected. Beyond that, the other network enabled devices at home that we don’t ever think about like your DVR, alarm system, media streaming device or SmartTV. We forget how connected everything is and become complacent.

There are a few good practices to go through on a monthly basis to ensure that there are no known security holes. I have an actual form that I fill out around my house to track my maintenance. That might be a little OCD but I find that it helps when I notice something unusual and go back to reference my previous months forms and notes to compare. The basic idea is that you should be rolling through all of your…

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