DIY Survival Rations Part 8 – MRE’S

Today we will take a look at the DIY food items we have made and put them together along with some items purchased at your local supermarket to make up your own MRE’s.

Breakfast – 2 Instant Oatmeal (or Cream of Wheat) packets, Individual serving instant coffee (Taster’s Choice sells pre packaged servings ), Non-dairy creamer and sugar packets if needed, Fruit Leather.

Snacks – Beef Jerky,  Dried Fruit,  and Fruit Leather.

Lunch – Survival Bars, Pemmican, Hardtack (you may want to soften this in liquid), and Fruit Leather. .

Dinner – Soup (note: add beef bouillon instead of chicken bouillon when making the mix and add 4 to 6 ounces Beef Jerky to the boiling water along with 1 square of Hardtack ), Survival Bars , Dried Fruit or Fruit Leather. Coffee or tea to drink.

Everything can be packaged in quart zip top bags and then out into a gallon zip top bag or the smaller bags can be placed a vacuum seal bag and sealed this has the advantage of  making a smaller package and will take up less space in your pack. I have used these on a number of trips and treks with good success. You will need a small pot to boil water in and a heat source. I did not give exact quantities as food intake varies with each person. Experiment to find quantities that are good for you. Although in my opinion it is better to have too much food rather than too little.

6 responses to “DIY Survival Rations Part 8 – MRE’S

  1. Great post. You should remind folks of a stock pile, years supply too, and show them how. Thanks for these tips, and please keep them coming.


    • Actually that’s on my list of topics. I’m starting out with small projects and moving up to larger scale preps. I’m trying to take a modular approach to help people start slowly.

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