Faraday Cage / Microwave #preppertalk #preppers

Prepper Know How

Ugh! Sometimes it seems that prepping can be soooo…. complicated.  You need a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, a degree in Agriculture and a Medical Degree at a minimum. i don’t have any of those so I need to keep my preps simple.

Faraday Cages are an example.  Keeping electronic equipment in a Faraday Cage will protect it should we be subjected to an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). There is a lot of information out there on Faraday Cages, why you should have one, how to build one and how to test one.  Or you can buy an old microwave.  Think about it, a microwave is designed to act as a shield and containment.  It is designed to contain the electromagnetic radiation inside, so that means that it will also keep electromagnetic radiation outside.

So, head out to GoodWill or its equivalent and buy an old microwave and use it to keep…

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