Dutch Oven Cooking Part 1

Whether your cooking a hot meal for your family outside during a power outage or cooking on a camping trip dutch oven cooking is a good skill to learn. I personally keep charcoal briquettes on hand just for this purpose. You can cook anything in one that you can cook in or on a kitchen stove. Today we will take a look at the briquettes needed to reach various temperatures for baking bread or roasting meat in your dutch oven. Use your favorite method for starting the number of briquettes needed to achieve the desired temperature. Several factors can influence the temperature and speed at which things cook in your oven. On hot days things will cook faster and take longer on a cold day. Wind will also significantly affect cooking times. Also effecting cooking time is briquette placement. On the bottom make a ring the size of your dutch oven with a briquette in the center. On the top place the briquettes evenly around the edge. Care should be taken when removing the lid to not season your dinner with  camp pepper (ash). The numbers are for the number of briquettes needed to reach a desired temperature. For a temperature of 375°F you would need to start 28 briquettes. placing 11 on the bottom and 17 on the top. Please note from time to time I will be posting favorite recipes for dutch ovens on my outdoor cooking page.

12 Inch Dutch Oven
Temp, °F Top Bottom
300 14 8
325 15 9
350 16 10
375 17 11
400 18 12
425 19 13
450 20 14
500 21 15

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

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