Standard Operating Procedures: The Routine That Saves Your Life


Standard Operating Procedure

By Cache Valley Prepper – SurvivoPedia

You don’t have to be an army, a SWAT unit, or a fortune 500 company to use of standard operating procedure (SOP). A small family of four could also build his own SOP, so they would know how to survive when the world as we know it seems to head to its end.

Probably, you would say that building that lifesaving SOP is rocket science, but it’s not.

It can be as simple as regimen or checklist that keeps you from forgetting important steps or training under stress.

What Is SOP and Why Do You Need It?

In self-reliant circles, SOP largely comes from regurgitated US military doctrine, which is quite often a very poor fit for small groups of people with goals very different from those of US military units.

But military doctrine does contain a lot of sound doctrine rooted in correct principle…

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