Blogging 201

I have been hard at work on the past weeks assignments for Blogging 201. I have conducted an analysis of my stats and have determined that posts that contain lists of items useful in an emergency are the most popular and that my busiest day traffic wise is on Sunday. No real surprises here as people like to look at lists and the weekends are when most people have extra free time to surf the web. With this in mind I have put together an editorial calendar to take me through mid March.

I  have added an archive widget and am starting to reference previous articles in new posts. As my blog grows I intend to add a Best Of page to highlight popular content from the previous months.

I have also been trying different social media networks to help increase my readership. I have been using Twitter and Facebook primarily but have recently added StumbleUpon to the mix with good results. My page views and unique visitor numbers are starting to increase and my bounce rate is still pretty good.

I also have an idea for a new weekly blogging event I may run in March but need to take a look at how to run it and will be announcing it shortly if it works out.

2 responses to “Blogging 201

  1. Glad to hear that. I am working on building my blog and understanding all of this analytics stuff. Sounds like you have a good handle on it. Are you seeing any increase in traffic yet? I am going to sit down and start planning my blog, up until now it has been a very sporadic thing.


  2. I’m up to about 40 visitors a day from 10 so it is working. I did statistical analysis in a previous job so the analytics is the easy part.


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