Blogging 201: Audit Your Brand

Today I took a look at my brand as part of the Blogging 201 class that I’m taking. I have found  a few things that need work and I will be fixing them over the next couple of days. The following list contains items that need work.

  1. I need a logo for my blog, Facebook Page, and Twitter account.
  2. Post Titles – Need to be more engaging
  3. Username needs to be changed to reflect my brand both Twitter and wordpress.
  4. Background image for Twitter.
  5. Need to consolidate all blog and related social media accounts into one separate email account.
  6. Integrate my Pinterest account into the social media mix.
  7. Adjust widgets and layout aka take the plunge and upgrade my account.

These are a few things I found that I feel need to be changed to reflect my brand.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter here and/or like my page on Facebook click here for a direct link.

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