The Rule of Three

Todays post is about the survival rule of three.  Each rule will be followed by a short list of items you should include in you preps to help you survive. This could form the basis of your bug-out bag.

3 Minutes Without Air–  After 3 minutes the heart can stop and brain cells start to die. Get to breathable air as soon as possible.

Recommended Equipment- a damp bandanna covering the nose and mouth, an N95 mask or follow this link for a video on building an improvised gas mask.

3 Hours Without Shelter– Without shelter hypothermia or heat stroke can become a problem very quickly. Learn to build improvised shelter and to build a camp fire.

Recommended Equipment – Tarp, parachute cord, knife, fire starting kit.

3 Days Without Water– Dehydration can be mild, moderate or severe depending on how much of the bodies fluid is lost. Severe dehydration can quickly become life threatening. Learn water purification techniques.

Recommended Equipment- Commercial filter or water purification tablets, bandana, metal pan.

3 Weeks Without Food– Food is your bodies fuel and without fuel  your body does not run efficiently. Starvation can cause organ damage and eventually death. Learn to hunt, fish and forage for wild edibles. Get training in foraging as misidentification of wild plants especially mushrooms can be debilitating or fatal. Learn to smoke and dry meat as a preservative measure.

Recommended Equipment- 3 day food supply, Foraging guidebook for your area, fishing kit, hunting rifle and ammo or bow and arrow.

These rules have been around for years and should only be used as a guide. There are exceptions to every rule and situation. There will be times when shelter is less important than finding water. This should only serve as a starting point for any survival situation you may find yourself in. The equipment recommendations can form the basis for a bug out bag. You would need some first aid and other gear to round out your bag. All bags should be customized to your climate and locale.

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