Digital Survival

You should make sure your digital life is prepped for survival as well. Key documents should be scanned and backed up to a password protected cloud server, a portable hard drive or a USB drive. Of these options I would choose either a portable hard drive or a USB drive because I do not like storing sensitive information on someone else’s server.

Examples of documents should include:

  1. Insurance Policies
  2. Copies of birth certificates, passports, and drivers licenses
  3. Pet Information – Vaccination records and photos
  4. Basic Financial Information (contact info for banks, account numbers, credit cards, 401K plans, etc.)
  5. Property Deeds and mortgage agreements
  6. Vehicle titles
  7. You can also store copies of family photos on the drive if you buy one large enough.
  8. Any other documents you might want a copy of.
  9. Emergency plans


Other technology based solutions for an evacuation or disaster could include using Twitter and Facebook as communication links using your smart phone or tablet. This would allow you to leave messages in the event you could not make direct contact.

The Red Cross has free apps available for download. The Red Cross “shelter finder” app lists the locations of open shelters. The Red Cross worked with Dr. Mehmet Oz and Sharecare to develop the “S.O.S. by the American Red Cross App.” The app puts first aid and CPR information at your fingertips. (

Download FEMA’s Smartphone Application so you can also apply for disaster assistance, map disaster recovery centers and stay connected through our mobile site, text messaging and social media channels: .

You should also download a news app and a weather app so you can stay on top of current conditions.

A flashlight app can come in handy as well.

Store extra batteries or chargers (hand crank or solar) with your emergency kit so your devices can remain powered.

If you have a tablet download the Kindle reading app. You can download tons of free books online related to survival and emergency preparedness.

These are just a few ideas for ways to integrate technology with your preps. If you think of more leave me a comment and I’ll include them in an updated list.

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3 responses to “Digital Survival

  1. Glad you discounted a cloud server. Three reasons.
    1. you don’t own it,
    2. it’s not in your hands.
    3. is you’re passing information to and from it and everything that travels electronic is intercept-able.
    4. come a global EMP or virus, it could just be destroyed


    • All good points. I even encrypt the data on my back up hard drive that way if it gets stolen they will have to work at it to get to my information. Lots of people like cloud servers but I’m not one of them.


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