Emergency Information

Information can help keep you safe during an emergency. You should learn about the types of emergencies and disasters that can occur in your area. These can range from events that affect only you and your family, like a medical emergency or a house fire, to those that impact a wide area like an earthquake, hurricane or snowstorm.

You should have an AM/FM radio with NOAA weather alert. This radio should be battery operated. The one I recently purchased runs on batteries, has a hand crank and a solar panel so it will always run with or without batteries. A good radio is invaluable for news and entertainment during a weather event or a power outage.

Know the difference between the different weather alerts and watches and what you should do  to prepare for each one. Click here to view a list of definitions for winter weather events for the Eastern US.

Know what actions to take to prepare for disasters in areas you travel to. For example, if you frequently travel to areas where tornado’s are common know what steps to take to protect yourself.

When a disaster occurs a family member may be injured during the event and may require First Aid. At least one member of your household should be trained in First Aid and CPR. You should have a First Aid Kit on hand as well to aid your family and neighbors. Click here for a list of suggested First Aid Kit contents.

Emergency Contact Information – Each member of a household should have an emergency contact card. This card should have names, relationship to the individual and phone numbers for each person listed. This card should be carried with them at all times.

This is some basic information you should have available to aid in formulating your plans before, during and after an emergency or disaster.

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