Bsaic Skills Part 2 – Water Purification

Todays post is about water purification. You should avoid drinking water  that has not been purified if at all possible. My personal favorite method is to filter the water with a commercial filter. However I have boiled it with good success as well. If you are going to boil it you should filter it first to remove any solids. You can use an improvised filter made from a clean plastic bottle or a bandanna filled with charcoal to pre filter the water. This results in a more palatable less gritty drink. Of the methods on the graphic I have not tried the distillation method, the iodine tablets or the bleach drops. Distillation requires a lot of equipment and bleach or iodine would leave the water tasting bad. Which ever method you use make sure you follow recommended instructions for use exactly or you will run into problems. If you are going to make an improvised filter do some research and figure out the best way to make one, personally I would boil the water before drinking if using this method. Remember all water should be regarded as tainted and be filtered, boiled or treated before consumption. Some water-borne diseases can be fatal in an emergency situation.
water purification

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