Altoids Tin Fishing Kit

5.I like Altoids tins for making a variety of small kits to put in my Bug Out Bag or in my Everyday carry. Today we will take a look at a small emergency fishing kit. This kit will need to be personalized for your area but here is a list of the contents for mine.


1. Hooks (10) – Use an assortment of sizes based on the fishing in your area.

2. Steel Leaders (2) – A must if you are fishing for pickerel.

3. Assortment of Flies – These should be based on your area use proven performers.

4. Assortment of lures – Add 1 or 2 of your favorites.

5. Rubber grubs or worms (2 or 3) Use colors that work in your area.

6. Sinkers – I carry 10 in a small ziplock bag.

7. Swivels – I carry 10 of assorted sizes in a small ziplock bag.

8. Approximately 30 feet of spiderwire or monofilament line.

I have tried this in the field with some success. Cut a long straight stick and cut a notch in one end to tie the line to worked best for me. I have included a few flies and a couple of lures but I find a hook with a night crawler on it will allow me to catch fish most of the time.

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