Basic Skills Part 1 – Campfire Building 101

Once each week I thought we would talk about basic skills you should learn in order to better survive. This week is basic skill is fire building. You will need the following items in your pack.

  1.  Hatchet or camp axe with guard.
  2. Folding camp saw
  3. Knife
  4. Matches, Lighter, flint and steel etc.
  5. Dry Tinder – I like dryer lint mixed with petroleum jelly

You should only build a fire where it is safe to do so. Clear away all ground debris where you will be building your fire and be careful of overhanging branches. Fire can be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. If the weather is hot and dry and danger of forest fire is high you should not build a campfire and should have a small folding camp stove with fuel in your pack as a backup. After you’ve located a safe spot outside and cleared you should gather fuel I always try to have some non-potable water on hand in case things get out of control then I build my fire.  The info graphic below gives a good overview on how to build your fire. If you choose to use flint and steel to start your fire  remember to practice until you are proficient. Save your dryer lint in a Ziploc baggy as this makes excellent tinder mixed with a little petroleum jelly this  lights easily and burns hot.

campfire infographic

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