Eight Everyday Reasons To Prep

You don’t have to be planning for the end of the world to be a “prepper”. Today we examine some everyday reasons to have at least some basic preparations.

1) Power outages – With some basic items on hand you can keep your family warm, feed and supplied with water. This topic was discussed in detail in another post.

2) Unemployment – Having food on hand will help out if you lose your job or are underemployed and looking for a better paying job.

3) Natural Disasters – Having food, water and supplies on hand will help keep you safe if you are sheltering in place or bugging out to another location.

4) Evacuation – How many times have we seen people on the news fleeing because of an approaching storm or wildfire. Some portable supplies would come in handy. Don’t neglect to put together a folder with all important family documents as well as important photos that can be grabbed on short notice.

5) Pandemic – How well would you survive if a flu outbreak caused you to have to shelter in place for 2 to 4 weeks.

6) House fire – According to ready.gov 2,500 people die and 12,600 are injured in home fires each year. Planning escape routes can save your life in the event of a fire. Having gear in your car or an out building can give help as well in the aftermath. Fire safety is usually some of the first prepping any of us do. Changing batteries in smoke detectors and checking fire extinguishers are both good solid basic preps.

7) Cuts – How many times have you been at the park or the beach and someone especially a child gets a cut or a scrape. Basic first aid supplies as part of your every day carry or a car kit would come in handy here. Speaking of car kits how about some snacks and a bottle of water while we are at the park or beach.

8) Flat tire – Lets face it car  breakdowns don’t always happen on sunny and 75 degree days. Some basic supplies will allow you to deal with the problem more safely and can make the wait for a tow truck pass more comfortably.

These are just some basic reasons that everyone should take a look at some basic emergency preparedness measures. If you think of some I didn’t leave me a comment and I’ll add them to my list.

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