Blogging 101 My Ideal Reader

This blog is written for the individual who wants to prepare  themselves or their family for life’s little misadventures. I firmly believe there is no one size fits all approach and you should base your supplies and preps on your skill level in various fields of study. I am starting out with basic lists and observations that I have made over the years that I have been doing this. I intend to focus on things anyone can do and learn and gradually move to more advanced topics. If you are new to the world of prepping and are looking for a starting point then this is the place for you.

Phase two of this assignment was to add something new so I have created a list that you may download and printout. Feel free to add to this list to make it your own. This will give you a starting point for a good basic kit to help prepare your family to shelter in place or evacuate as necessary. Please click the link to download your Household kit checklist.

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