Preparing your household for a winter storm (Part 2)

In part two we will take a look at heating options and ways to stay busy and keep boredom at bay during a power outage.

Heating – As far as alternate heat sources go you have to pick ones you are comfortable in using. I have a wood burning fireplace in the living room and a 23,000 BTU kerosene heater for backup heat. The kerosene heater is UL rated for use indoors. I have a vent that is opened to allow for some fresh air. I feel this is important to help reduce the danger of carbon monoxide in your home. For kerosene heaters it is vital to use only K1 kerosene so that the heater burns with maximum efficiency. I check the wick in the kerosene heater yearly to ensure proper function. Follow the instructions in the instruction manual and it should ensure clean, efficient operation. IF you use wood it is important to clean your chimney yearly to ensure there are no dangerous creosote buildups and obstructions in the chimney. There are plans available on the internet for heaters built from flower pots and using tea candles for heat sources. I have as yet to build one of these but will be building and testing one in the near future.

Things to do during an outage – Boredom during to power outage can be a real problem. I feel that you should always charge all your devices before a storm starts e.g. laptops, tablets, IPods, cell phones etc. These will help pass the time during the storm at least for a while. As a backup to these devices we keep playing cards, a cribbage board and some favorite board games on hand to help pass the time. Books and jigsaw puzzles are another excellent way to pass the time as well.

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